Our Hand Crafted

Micro-Brewed Kombucha

We are excited to offer our living kombucha brew both on tap and in RE-USED glass bottles. Our glass is cleaned and sanitized right here in Missoula by our local Bayern Brewery. You can enjoy a beverage that comes in a washable package. Together we can keep a valuable resource out of the landfill and lighten our personal impact on the environment. This is how our organization is rooted.

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Glass Program here!

As you may have noticed from our label of Yerba Mate flavor, we want to teach everyone how to brew kombucha by growing their very own mother. Sound like a bad business model? We are more interested in sharing all the wonderful things kombucha has to offer.

Our first line of flavors are brewed with Yerba Montana's Yerba Mate! They are a local Missoula made company. They work with importers that have their employees in mind. Employees enjoy safe working environments, health insurance, and education for their families. From farmers to exporters, they all enjoy wages that provide a living income.  It's up to us to follow the chain of production, ensuring our consumption isn't harming others on the planet! We are one Family!


All our cardboard comes out of the waste Stream! Thanks to Mark Miller and Kayle, all our cardboard gets pulled from the waste stream and reused for a 2nd time before being recycled! Many times we forget that reusing comes before recycling on the triangle of waste management. We are all about it!


For Sale at these locations!


Good Food Store                         Grizzly Grocery

Orange Street Food Farm             Market on Front

Both Fresh Markets                   Roxy Theater

Draught Works                         Wordens

Liquid Planet                           Natural Grocers                              Rosauers Huckleberries               Tia's Big Sky

Rumor Tap Room                       UC Market

Albertsons East Gate                  Lucky's Market

Dram Shop                              The Art Bar


Natural Grocers                        Safeway

Saigon Alley


Daniels Gourmet Meats               Rosauers

Town and Country



Natural Grocers                       The Fieldhouse


Burnt Fork Market


Max's Market


Town and Country

Hot Springs

Camas Foods

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Our First Line of Flavors!

Missoula, Montana