Aloe Arborescens (2 Yr Old Plant)

These aloe arborescens plants may vary in size, but are at least 2 years old. These creatures are grown from either seed or cuttings from a mother plant (shown in pictures).


Plants are avialable for pick up within the region of Missoula, Mt. If outside our pick-up zone, plants are removed from pot for safer shipping.


If shipped, plants may show signs of stress upon revival, but with proper care will bounce back with ease and grace.


  These plants are aclaimed by Father Romano Zago to be the key ingredient in a tincture that suposidly has helped hundreds of people become cancer free without radiation or chemo drugs!


***Back to the Mother does not claim Aloe Arborescens is a "cure" for cancer. We dont have many people can tell you themselves***


Plant good seeds, keep your feet to the earth, ferment your food, and love your mother!

Aloe Arborescens (2 Yr Old Plant)

  • Aloe Arborescens are hardy and easy to grow as long as they get enough light. If you dont have a south facing window or a good porch for them to live on, we reccomend a plant light to help keep them growing vigorously. They need well drained soil that is nutrient dense. They are resistant to draught and having "wet feet." These plants can be transitioned to full sun a little at a time. Start with 2 hours of direct sunlight and bump it up an hour every 4 days.


    In their main growing season, plants can be watered regularly, but let dry out a little inbetween cycles. In the fall/winter, bring inside and slow watering down unless growth continues. Plants are cold hardy to 65 degrees and love the long as they have the water to back it up.


    Fertilize every month when the plants are growing steadily.


    Plants will produce pups, which can be transplanted once they have at least 8 leaves around the rosetta.

  • ***Harvest aloe at night in total darkness....this is when the plant is highest in polysacarides, which is the immune boosting compound in the plant***


    1. 600 grams of Aloe
    2. 300 grams of raw local honey
    3. 3 table spoons of Whiskey


    • Remove spines from the aloe leaves
    • combine in a blender or juicer with the raw honey and whiskey. (gently warm honey if it's too thick to work with...)
    • Store in the fridge.
    • Take one ounce 30 min before every meal (so the medicine isnt competing with your food to absorb into the body)
    • Eating a raw food along diet supports this greatly.


    ***These are simply quotes from "Cancer can be Cured" by father Romano Zago and are not claims made by Back to the Mother***