Our hand crafted beverage is now available delivered to your door!



Use promo code "eco-league" at check-out to take $3.00 off your next 6-PACK.


Our Flavors include:

Strawberry Lemonade


Citrus Ginger Hops

Lavender Chamomile

Yerba Mate

Triple Berry Ginger

and our Seasonal: Apple Pie


We make most of our flavorings in house by juicing and pasturizing fresh or frozen fruit. We prioratize sourcing our ingredients as local, organic, and as fairtrade as we can get them. We are proud to bring you a high quality probiotic beverage packed with value behind our brand.


We are dedicated to sustainability and offer our product in a package that can be washed and reused time and time again. This is thanks to Bayern's Eco-Leauge. With our partnership with them, we are able to keep a valueble resource out of our landfill and help each of us become better stweards of our land. 


We are grateful for each and every sale that helps us grow our business and move towards our other goals of becoming a green company that revives the traditions of fermentation while we establish ourselves as keepers of the garden.


With love,

-The Booch Crew



Our Micro-brewed Kombucha delivered to your door.


Cases contain (15)  12 ounce bottles.


Pick from these Flavors
  • ****Bttm is not liable for over carbonated product for deliveries made to residence where no one is home to recieve the order. Our product is delivered cold and needs to be refriderated on arrival. Delivery's happen from 12 - 3 pm on Thursday's. If you need specific acomidations, we will be happy to work with with you when and where we can.***

Missoula, Montana