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Get to Know Us

We are a small operation that prioritizes people over profit. This is because we've seen what national brands do in order to maximize their gains. National brands have to cut corners and sacrifice product authenticity in order to ship their products across the country. We will never filter, preserve, or pasteurize our culture because that's the way Nature intended it! We will always package in washable glass bottles because we understand the issues with exposing our customers to plastic lined cans and it's the most sustainable option out there! We simply choose to do things differently! Our dedication to our craft is clear. Check it out for yourself.

Our Mission and Values

Back To The Mother seeks to empower health-conscious and environmentally-conscious people, to have an observable impact, on both their physical health and the health of the environment, through the products, education, and research provided by Back To The Mother.


The real value of our operation lies within the inner workings and beliefs of our organization. With high expectations for any and all endeavors, Back To The Mother seeks to affiliate with raw material producers, partnered business, and organizations that serve with the virtues of the Ubuntu Movement. For those not familiar with the Ubuntu philosophy, it can be summed up by the following sentence. “If it doesn’t serve the whole of humanity, then it doesn’t serve anyone.” This means that we strive to source ingredients for our products that are fair trade, organic, non-GMO and even sourced as locally as possible when available and when the previous criteria are met. For our products, our goal is to reuse as much packaging as possible. We’re starting with our kombucha bottles, with the goal to eventually use 100% recycled glass with Bayern’s state of the art bottle sanitizer. This will allow us to use a resource that is already abundant in our community, that would otherwise be wasted.

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