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Back to the Mother Aloe Collective

Aloe Arborecons has become the focus of many communities as well as research institutions due to it's supposed ability to help heal the human body without intensive traditional treatment.


First and foremost we must say that we are not here to guide people away from western modalities when it comes to treatment for any illnesses. The Aloe Collective is only here to encourage people to do their own research into the healing qualities of Aloe Arborescens. We make no claims because we don't honestly know. We do, however, believe it's worth looking into.


 After reading the book, "Cancer can be Healed," by Father Romano Zago, we started growing the amazing Aloe Arborescens for the purpose of getting this medicine to those in our community that seek it.


Having grown aloe for over 9 years, we now have a collection of these plants that we are able to share with others. For folks wanting to cultivate and be able to provide the medicine to our community, please reach out for your free Aloe baby!  Our hopes are to get these plants in the hands of people with green thumbs. The vision is to have an abundance of these plants within our community to support anyone that seeks out alternative means of healing in their time of need. You can contact Drew Holman at


Pictured to the right - Father Romano Zago


Our Aloe Arborescens

are grown with great attention to detail from seed or by rooting a pup from a mother plant. We use organic soil to produce plants that are hardy and will eventually be large enough to make into the tincture from Father Ramano's book.

We are dedicated to cultivating this plant for our loved ones. We hope you will join us.


The Back to the Mother Nonprofit circle is not responsible for the opinions and content of other websites.  We encourage anyone seeking their truth to use their own discernment when researching this subject. There are voices against this modality too. By clicking the links below we send you off on your journey. Thank you for spending time on our website and for being a seeker of YOUR truth.


Aloe isn't the only plant we are cultivating, either. We are connecting with people all over to learn about plant medicines that we hope will change the way we think about taking care of our health.  We are working towards being able to grow and sell these wonderful plants to get them out into our community.   Here are a few of the creatures we are cultivating.

- Miswak Trees - a natural tooth brush

- He Shou Wu - a plant that helps regenerate natural hair color and the vibrancy of skin and nails. If it can turn grey hair back into its natural color, imagine what it does for the rest of our body.



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