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One of BttM's goals is to encourage local solidarity by supporting and spreading awareness about other heart centered projects.  

Garden City Harvest

Garden City Harvest is an incredible nonprofit that builds community gardens, offers kids prgrams and works with Missoula's Food Bank to fight hunger right here in Missoula. BTTM was honored to be able to offer an $1000 grant to help them build a brand new shed at their northside community garden plot. The Booch Crew came together to help demolish the old shed and to put the finishing touches on the new one. Learn more about this wonderful oranization by visiting their website!


BTTM is proud to be a supporter of the Clark Fork River Colition. For the past 4 years, we have partnered up with the Open Way Mindfulness Center to take on the portion of the river clean up that is Jacobs Island Dog Park. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back in the ways that we can. We hope to see you come out for this wonderful event next April. Subscrive to our mailing list and follow us on social media to stay up to date with these kinds of opportunities.


Soil Cycle is a bike-powered composting operation right here in Missoula! They come to pick up your food waste and return to you nutrient-rich soil for your garden or your indoor plant collection. This non-profit is a perfect example of Missoula moving towards sustainable practices. Learn more by clicking their name above. 


Back to the Mother supported Soil Cycle with the donation of a bike trailer we built at Free Cycles. Keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram @soilcyclemissoula


Bryce Rowe is leading the charge for being able to recycle plastics right here in Missoula! Precious Plastics shares their designs and helps people construct the equipment to be able to take clean plastic from whole objects into shreds. These shredded pieces can then be heated and extruded into lengths for building with or pressed into molds to make new objects for use. With this enterprise, we may very well one day be mining our landfill to get back all the plastic we have wasted over the years. We are honored to support this project by spreading the word. This is exactly the type of project we are excited to see springing up in our mountain town. Check them out and think about supporting with a donation if you feel so guided. Many thanks!


Defining Clay Fermentation Crocks

Andrew Holman is one of the owners and founders of BttM Microbrewed Kombucha.

Many may not know, but he has his BFA focusing in Ceramics from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He has been doing ceramics for over 15 years! With his passion for fermentation, he is excited to share one of his passions with you! Learn more about how you can make your own ferments in your very own home here!

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