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Glass Collection Program

BttM is excited to be helping our community move towards greater levels of sustainability. Here are some facts about glass


One ton of recycled glass saves:


•    42 kWh of electricity.

•    5 gallons of oil.

•    714.3 Btu’s of energy.

•    2 cubic yards of landfill space.

•    7.5 pounds of air pollutants from being released.

•    1,330 pounds of sand.

•    433 pounds of soda ash.

•    433 pounds of limestone.

•    151 pounds of feldspar.



Glass takes 1,000,000 years to fully degrade in a landfill. Recycling glass takes 30% of the energy required to produce glass from raw materials. The United States throws away enough glass every week to fill a 1,350-foot tall skyscraper. Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for four hours. Glass never wears out and can be recycled forever.   


We, however, are not trying to recycle! We are looking to Re-USE! This saves even more energy and lowers our carbon footprint!


Here are our Local Supporters of the Glass Reusing/Recycling Program

These businesses collect our bottles in house and get them back to us so that each bottle can live a long and happy life! We are so grateful for these businesses helping us to move Missoula towards being a more sustainable place to live! It is our responsibility to be aware of our personal and collective impact on the world. This is just one of so many ways we can move in a positive direction together!


Draught Works


Highlander Beer

                       Missoula Brewing Co.


Market on Front


Orange Street Food Farm


Roxy Theater




Unparalleled Movement

Tia's Big Sky







Keep reading to learn more about this initiative.

Missoula's landfill only has a limited time before it fills up and requires an expansion or alternative site to dump our trash. Implementing recycling programs on all levels could extend this amount of time much more. That's why it's up to us to be mindful of our personal impact on our planet and our community.


BttM is organizing glass drop-off locations in convenient areas throughout Montana. We want to assist our Missoula patrons in having a real impact on the amount of glass that finds it's way to our landfill. Anyone that enjoys our bottled kombucha will be able to drop off their glass at one of these locations so that these bottles can get a second chance at life...hopefully even more! The opportunity to reuse glass is endless until it breaks.

Here are the places that accept Bayern Eco-League approved Glass and what those qualifications are...



  • Bayern Brewery

  • Orange Street Food Farm

  • Grizzly Grocery

  • Natural Grocers


  • Burnt Fork Market


  • Ravalli County Recycling


  • 4 Corner Recycling


  • Earth First Aid

Bottle Qualifications:  

• Must be standard brown 12-oz. bottles
• Must be in good condition: no cracks or chips, no cigarette butts or other garbage inside
• Must be pry-off: no twist off threads
• Must not have any embossing on the bottle (brand names, etc.)

• Must have paper labels without vinyl or plastic protective layers


All BTTM & Bayern bottles are eligible along with these other manufacturers:

  • Angry Orchard

  • Big Sky

  • Deschutes

  • Full Sail

  • Grand Teton

  • Great Northern Brewing

  • Kirkland

  • Not Your Father’s Root Beer

  • Omission

  • Red Lodge Ales

  • Samuel Adam’s

  • Uber Brew

  • Widmer


It's important to note that we cannot manage everyone's glass waste products. We cannot take bottles outside of these qualifications and we cannot take jars or other forms of glass. If you want to be mindful about your personal impact, you'll have to think about these things: How can you reduce your consumption of products that leave you with an empty plastic or glass container? Can you make any of these products yourself with fresh ingredients? Can you find alternative uses for these empty containers? We all live busy lives, but it is truly up to us to take responsibility for our impact on the environment. Remember. . .with our powers combined. . .




Stay posted or even sign up for our mailing list to be notified of when and where these drop off locations will be activated. For current Locations where bottles can be dropped of check out this link: Drop off Locations




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