What is GnomeFest?

GnomeFest was originally a program at a summer camp in Lake Como, Pennsylvania. One of our worker owners, Drew Holman, Worked at that camp for 5 summers and eventually became the head instructor of the Pottery Program. He took the existing GnomeFest, which was nothing more than the kids who loved pottery making gnome inspired projects. Drew took the program and with the help of those kids, turned GnomeFest into an activity that went viral! Drew and his little helpers made hundreds of ceramic gnomes. Campers were able to hunt for these gnomes that were hidden all over the place. If you found one, you could keep it! Or, you could hide it again and know someone else would get to experience the joy of having that same experience. Some of the gnomes had indicators that it was a prize gnome! If someone found one of the prize gnomes, they got to claim Gnome inspired hand made ceramic wares made by the staff of the pottery studio. In addition to that, cabins got gnome points for banning together to pick up litter around the camp property.

It Inspired social responsibility and a spirit of kindness among the campers!  This is what we aim to do bring to Missoula and the surrounding area. We need this mindset now more than ever! We will be hiding these gnomes at every trail system, city parks, and many Missoula Hangouts.

It's our way of giving back to our community. We wanted to create an activity that is open air and family friendly but all ages could get excited about. We all need a chance to play to let our inner child have that outlet of expression. It's our gift to our community.


We are looking forward to watching the adventures that unfold! Make sure to tag us in your social media posts and use #gnomefestmissoula to link up with other gnomefest adventurers!   There will be prizes for finding specific gnomes and for gathering sets of gnomes that will be hidden in separate places!

We will be announcing the beginning of GnomeFest with the realease of a GnomeFest Song sometime in the spring of 2021. This event will be a yearly offering the same time ever year!

The GnomeFest Map

Missoula, Montana