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Our Suppliers


        We are dedicated to sourcing our ingredients as local, organic, and fair trade as we can get them. In today's world, it's more important than ever to make sure that we arent taking advantage of someone in the developing world simply because it's convenient. Everyone deserves a fair wage! We also understand that the closer something is produced the smaller carbon footprint it has when making it's way to our brewery. With the values we have guiding our business we have partnered with some awesome suppliers with the same level of dediation to sustainability as us. We understand that what we support grows, so we support things that we want to see more of in the world.  Check out our suppliers below!

Our Tea Suppliers

Dedication to Fair Trade and Ecological Preservation

Fair trade means a fair wage no matter what. Everyone deserves a livable wage. That means earning enough to be able to afford health insurance, educaiton, housing, and food with ease and grace.

Lake Missoula Tea Co. also works with farms that are dedicated to protecting elephant habitat as well as other at risk animal friends.


Our tea comes from the Nuxalbari Tea Estate

The Nuxalbari Tea Estate is a woman owned tea estate located in the foot hills of the Hymilayan Mountains of India. Sonia Jabbar is responsible for the livelihoods of over 1,000 people who grow, pick and process tea on the 1,200 acre estate. Five years ago, she decided to transition to an organic farm and now has 200 acres of organic tea bushes. And she decided her estate would become an Elephant corridor.

Yerba Montana Yerba Mate

Yerba Montana is dedicated to social responsability. At Yerba Montana they provide some of the highest quality organic yerba mate available. They source their yerba from socially conscious producers. We suppport them becuase doing so means well paying jobs, environmental stewardship, education and healthcare both for their partners in Argentina and their employees right here at home.

Our Produce Suppliers

Westrn Montana Growers Cooperative

Local is Delicious!

This Coopererative brings quality Montana grown produce and makes it avialable all over the state! We source our flat head cherries from these guys, galls, and non binary pals for our Cherry Reishi Cacao Flavor! You can learn more about their operation by following the link!

Image by Wengang Zhai

Missoula Grain and Vegetable Co. is dedicated to organic farming that includes biodynamic practces that support pollinators and soil preservation. learn more by following the Link Here.

We will be sourcing our carrots, beets, and various kinds of cabbages from these dedicated local farmers. Here at Back to the Mother, we have our HACCP certification. This means we are better able to handle raw produce and turn it into the flavorings for our line of kombucha products. Most kombucha brewers have to rely on commercially packaged juices for their flavorings. Well, not us! We go the extra mile to bring you the highest quality products.

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