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Back to the Mother started as a collective of individuals who hoped to build something different. We had a lot of passions and project ideas that we wanted to see manifest in the world, but we were just beginning to organize ourselves. This was early 2014. We started looking into how businesses were organized in the past, even investigating the non-profit world. It took us a few years, but we figured out how best to organize ourselves so that we could start tackling our projects and striving to change the way businesses operate in the world. 

We structured ourselves as a "Mother Circle" that would guide the non-profit portion of this endeavor. The non-profit's mission was to support non-traditional business creations in the form of Worker-Owned Enterprises. Our goal is to encourage economic development for empowering workers and creating more community-minded work environments. With these intentions in mind, we can focus on the projects in our incubator, while sharing what we have learned freely with the community.

Along the way, we learned that Montana did not yet have laws allowing people to start cooperative businesses outside the realm of agriculture. Many other states have multiple options for forming a true worker-owned cooperative. Thus, our non-profit learned how to create LLC's with an operating agreement that defines the practices of a business to be run by its owners, without having employees.

With this research under our belts, we set out to launch our very first Worker-Owned Enterprise. In 2017 Back to the Mother Microbrewed Kombucha hit the shelves with our first line of small-batch hand-crafted Kombucha. Our idea was to have a pilot project where we could learn from our successes and shortcomings alike. Our goal was to create a business where the owners could make a living wage and share a portion of its surplus with the non-profit to help support other local start-ups and projects that share our values and vision for the future.

Thank you for spending some time here and getting to know us. We invite you to explore this website to learn about all the projects being cultivated. This is a group endeavor with lots of room to grow. We are only here to start the dialogue.

Missoula, Montana