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         Each of us are born into this world with unconditional rights: access to clean water and a pristine ecosystem from which to cultivate a sustainable, healthy food source. It was past down successfully from uncountable generations for thousands of years. Why have we now accepted, as a culture, that we do not deserve such a simple thing? With over 15 Superfund sites in the state of Montana, it is easy for Montanans to believe there isn’t much hope for fixing environmental travesties. Our organization begs to differ. Through the life cycles and functions of living organisms already thriving on this planet, we can successfully remove oil, heavy metals, and even radiation from soil, water systems, and the air.


        We are not capable of all these things yet, but some are striving for it and we can too! We have lots of work to do. That means all of us. Montana is stricken with mining operations that have devastated ecosystems and have conveniently been forgotten. It's time for the people to spark this conversation and have corporations be held accountable for the pollution of our lands and our water ways.

     Beyond this, BttM seeks to build community growing spaces that provide food year-round and greatly enhance the growing season in this region of the country. Growing food year-round is viable even in the coldest places on our planet. That’s why we have developed and harnessed the designs for building geodesic biodomes. Through simple techniques and by taking advantage of geometry, these domes offer more growing space than any other greenhouse. In addition, with passive heating systems we can regulate temperature easily without electricity in any season. We are excited to start implementing these simple technologies for the betterment of our community right here in the Missoula Valley.

      We see a world that works for all people. The South African philosophy, known as Ubuntu, sums up our thoughts best, "If it's not good for everyone, then it's not good for anyone." This idea leads us back to being the stewards of the earth, where we take care of one another through strength in community and building value in local economy. Together, with your help, we can achieve these goals.

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