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***Opening Disclaimer ***

This project is still in the early stages of development. So far we have spent over 2 years researching the building techniques and implimentation of simple technologies widley used for projects very similar to what we are aiming to create. We have aquired the plans, know-how, and tools and are ready to build  a small scale practice dome when the time, hands, and resoruces become avialalbe to see it done.

Year Round Farming

With a desire to produce most of our ingredients in-house, we are looking to acquire land and build geodesic greenhouses in order to grow food year-round. This is likely a few years out, but with simple techniques we already know and understand, we can create an abundance in any yard where the sun shines.


Above is a picture of what is possible. By using geothermal techniques and the use of very efficient rocket mass heaters, we will be able to keep a tropical environment going in the dead of winter if we wanted. That means we can have avocadoes in Montana! We already have pineapples going here, so why not?

Below are the plans that anyone can generate from There you can learn incredible amounts of information on the math and design calculations for drafting designs for your very own dome. Along side Precious Plastics Missoula, we are hoping to be able to build these structures out of recycled plastics that would otherwise be shipped out of the country to be recycled or thrown into the landfill.

One of the ways we would heat these structures in the winter season is with Rocet Mass Heaters. These systems are incredably efficient and when properly built only put off water vapor at the tail end. Outlined below are a series of DIY videos from a great youtube Channel WEB4DEB. They are leading the charge to get these simple ideas that help us live closer to the earth to the people. Much gratitude for these wonderful folks.

What you see here is just the beginning of what is possible. Think about the possibilities of hot spring water in combination with these building techniques. 

MUCH MORE TO COME! Subscribe today to watch our projects grow.

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