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Social changes don't come without social action!

If you want to offer a

Tax Deductible Donation you can follow the link below. Make sure to use the drop down menu to ensure we get your donation!

Special thanks to the ECOLOGICAL DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE OF NORTH AMERICA / GEO.COOP for being our fiscal sponsor!

Here are the other community members that support our shared vision.

Earth Keepers  $25

Ariel Leister

Morgan Daniel

Noah Feder

Sean & Jessica Thomas

Theresa McGeary


Helping Hands Earth Keepers $50

Catnip Dujardin

Richard Kasden

Sharon Hodge - In Memory of Rob Weimer

Andrew Holman

Global Earth Keepers $100

Brittany Brightenback

Delane Cummins

Galactic Earth Keepers $500

Rhonda Callison

Celestial Earth Keepers $1000

Angelic Earth Keepers $5000

This Individual is Creating their own Seasonal Flavor!  $10000

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