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Thanksgiving gives another stuffed stomach

So here we are again, another Thanksgiving, another great feast, another overly stuffed stomach. Perhaps it may take a full day to recover, maybe two, or maybe even a week. Why? Simple answer: our bodies are not pleased with what we shoved down our mouths.

But hey, once in a while it is worth doing, and Thanksgiving is no exception. So if you are reading this and thinking "Thanks buddy, what help is it telling me what I already know?" need not worry. I come bearing good news. That bottle of kombucha you have next to you (this is the part where if you do not have your favorite BTTM flavored booch go grab one) may just be of assistance to your weary stomach.

Research has been forth coming in revealing the importance of a digestive system needing proper microbes. When the food and drink we consume contains these good organisms we label it with the term probiotics. Typically, foods such as yogurt and kefir come to mind, but kombucha also contains probiotics. These probiotics may help an upset stomach. There is a great article in the Hoffington Post that explains the research and links to the scientific studies in this field (

Having some kombucha after or alongside your meal may be a smart idea, especially if you know you will be partaking in some foods that may upset your stomach. But, I know what you are thinking once again, "Justin, your post is a bit late. I already made myself sick from too much food. Thanks again buddy." That's okay. I am sure there will more events in the future where this will be useful to know. Actually, there is one coming up soon. It's called Chanukkah. So go grab eight kombuchas and get yourself ready for eight days of fried food!

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