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An Apple Pie a Day......

You all know the saying "An Apple Pie a day keeps the doctor away". Well, I suppose I would not recommend eating an apple pie a day, for that would keep the doctor rich. But, Hey!, I would recommend an Apple Pie BttM Booch a day (editor's note: Justin is in no way a doctor nor plays one on TV, so this is not medical advice). It is a great healthy alternative to the apple pie itself, and this booch is as american as booch can get. I mean, it is basically liquid America, like if you took the essence of bald eagle, liquid gun-barrel smoke, and zest from a pine baseball bat and mixed them all into one booch, and it miraculously transformed into a refreshing apple flavor infused with cinnamon and vanilla. Yummy yummy yummy I have apple pie booch in my belly! So go out and grab yourself a bottle. They are available exclusively at Good Food Store in Missoula, Montana.

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