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Drinking For Two

So there I was, staring at my cat sleeping on the couch. Adorable as always, curled up, probably dreaming of some utopia-like cat land. You know the the type of world, unlimited mice to chase that come back to life after cats have "played" with them for too long, therefore ensuring your cat never loses a friend/prey. Big juicy fish swimming close to the banks of rivers with special water that never gets a cat wet. And who can forget the giant trees, lush bushes, and tall grass, all of which are made from 100% organic catnip derived from a perfect cross hybridization of "indiCAT" and "CATiva". And then it hit me! Is it possible to make a kombucha from catnip that both humans and cats can enjoy together?

I am not too sure what the effects of kombucha would be on a cat, so I recommend doing some research before trying, like checking with a vet. Nonetheless, the possibility intrigues me. Catnip is in the mint family, and humans brew it to make a tea, so with respect to the people side of things, catnip booch sounds feasible. As to the cat side of things, it would make a great shared drink if they did enjoy it. Just think, you chug most of a bottle but leave a bit to put in the cat's bowl. You get to chill out with good probiotics surging through you and the relaxing feeling that comes from herbal teas of the mint family, all the while watching your cat get jacked-up on catnip rolling and running around with joy! Pure bliss!

Perhaps it sounds a bit crazy, but let me know what you think. Email me at Drop me a line about what you think of this idea. Also, if you are interested on being featured in a blog, please send me an email about why you like Back to the Mother Kombucha, favorite flavor, ideas for future flavors, best moment while drinking BttM kombucha, etc.

To all my BttM fans out there, CHEERS!

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