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How to grow Pineapples in Montana!

Meet Beatrice and her pup Copernicus!

Almost 5 years ago, we planted the top of a pineapple, dreaming of getting a full grown plant that would produce fruit! After waiting all this time and taking the best care of our sweet mamma pineapple, she is starting to bloom!!! We are so excited about our momma's process, we want to share with everyone how we did it!

If you want to watch our momma grow, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram by looking up Back to the Mother microbrewed Kombucha!


You can grow your very own pineapple plant by simply taking the leafy green part of a pineapple fruit and placing it in water! Here are the steps.

1. Remove the living greens off the fruit and remove any remaining fruit and the lower few rings of leaves.

2. Place the exposed bottom of the leafy greens in water so the top of the plant is supported and kept out of the water. You want to make sure that only the very bottom of the plant is in the water.

3. Once you have plenty of roots developing you can plant your creature in some soil. You want moderately well drained soil that is void of artificial fertilizers. Pineapple plants don't like artificial sources of nutrients. THIS IS THE SECRET OF A VIBRANT PLANT!!! Take your scraps from the fruit you eat and any leaves you remove from your plant and compost it! This soil will make your plant so happy, even though they find them selves in Montana!

****Keep your plant in a warm place at all times. They will go dormant and do very poorly if it is in a space of less than 65 degrees. A heating mat can be a great way to offer supplemental care for your plant.****

These plants can get very large so make sure to get the appropriately sized pot for your creature to thrive in.

After a few years your plant could produce fruit. It can take as little as 3 years. Once fully established, the plant will produce pups off the main stock of the plant a well as fruit!

Always remember! Plant good seeds, eat from the Earth, ferment your food, & LOVE YOUR MOTHER!!! Thanks for hanging out <3 <3 <3

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