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Grizzly Grocery Becomes Newest Glass Drop Off in Missoula!

Sustainability is our number one priority! As a small local startup, we strive to have as little of an impact on our planet, locally and globally as possible! This means that a lot of work went into organizing the packaging for our product. The results were very exciting! We can now say that 100% of the glass we use has at least been used once before being washed and filled with our delicious kombucha! Besides that we had to make sure our label was compatible with Bayern's bottle washer! Once that was squared away we started working hard to build partnerships with local business so that we could arrange drop off locations like the one at Grizzly Grocery!

The hardest part of being a sustainable business is getting people to participate in the program. If we kept all the glass we could out of the landfill, we could divert hundreds thousands of pounds of glass out of the waste stream and back into the hands of Bayern Brewery. We work hard to set up these kinds of situations so that it's easier to participate! We cant thank you enough for your help in making this dream a reality. Social changes don't happen without social action! We cant do this without you!

If you enjoy our product, please set aside your glass and bring it back to a drop off location near you. At Grizzly Grocery, our station is located just below the produce shelves to the left of where our product is in the cooler!!!

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