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Our Core Values


Trust: We are stronger together as a group and can be vulnerable with one another to achieve our goals.


Patience: We practice patience by working through the processes and emotions of ourselves and others. It is important for us to have the patience for projects to develop and for missteps along the way. Failures are valuable for gaining knowledge and learning. Patience is also vital for a wealth of situations in life as well as for the transition to working cooperatively in a flexible and respectful way.

Balance: We believe balance is fundamental to a healthy group dynamic. Several examples include balancing our creative passions, logistical duties, work, and play, as well as roles and responsibilities.

Honesty: We value open and inclusive decision making. Decisions are made by those directly involved and participating in the projects being addressed. Group input is vital for decisions that affect all involved. Members of the group share educational information and knowledge openly with one another. We make time for smaller project circle check-ins with the larger Mother Circle. We provide clarity and honesty about the source of information, motivations, and intentions behind opinions, stances, positions, and presentations of group members. Our group meetings are open to members of the community for input, though group members make the final decision using Sociocratic Consent.

Accountability: We are accountable for our successes and failures with one another and the group.  When there are mistakes it is important to explore all aspects of the situation before reaching conclusions. A healthy and safe atmosphere for sharing requires being open about the situation without shame, punishment, blame, or ridicule. It is important to reach out when you need support from the group on projects or tasks as well as being receptive and available to the group members. We hold ourselves accountable for what we agree to do. Implementing these practices helps us maintain our relationships with one another.


Compassion: We use compassion to hold each other up without judgment. We know that it takes every point of view to see the big picture and to guide the organization into the future. We seek this compassion through equally hearing the voices of our members within our Sociocratic structure. We respect the life experience of each member, honoring the roads traveled that have brought us together. Each one of us adds something that is fundamental to the collective focus. Together our contributions compliment one another and become our grounding foundation.


Responsibility: We use mindful practices regarding money and source materials responsibly for all our projects. We find creative solutions for fundraising and for satisfying the needs of the group while maintaining a small carbon footprint. We all have different needs regarding our own financial security. Within our practices, we do not seek gross personal gain. There is no pressure to offer financial contribution as the group balances our finances. The contribution of time and energy is just as valuable and appreciated as those of a monetary nature. Our goal is to balance our ability to maintain financial resilience while we stay dedicated to the value that we build within our communities.


Fun: As a group, we commit to staying connected through balancing work and play and weaving fun into everything we do.  We all deserve time to cultivate and nurture our inner-children. Through our commitment to fun and humor, we cultivate our bonds with one another.

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