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Grow Your Own Mother!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Like we said, we want everyone to have access to this life firming beverage. This may not be your typical business model, but we believe in the health benefits and that everyone should have access. It's in our values to share with the world and to dream to help others, so we are doing just that! Below is a step by step guide of how you can brew tasty kombucha right in your own home.

Our Worker owner, Drew Holman also makes a line of fermentation crocks both for veggies and for kombucha that help people make their ferments with a sense of ease. Check out his ceramic wares here:

Having a vessel with a spigot at the bottom makes this process a lot easier! You can often one at a thrift store, but make sure to get one with a stainless steel spigot so your not leaching harmful plastics into your brew! You can always but a spigot online to upgrade one that has a plastic spigot too.

Kombucha mothers are also called scobys. Scoby stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. These two microorganisms support one another and thrive together in this magic elixir :)

Here are the steps in growing your own kombucha mother

For a one gallon batch you will need the following:

-1 gallon of filtered water

-1 cup of sugar

-16 grams of tea/8 teabags (Black tea is best for scoby growing)

-1 cup of finished kombucha

  1. In a large pot, bring 6 cups of water to a boil. Turn off heat and add your sugar. Stir until dissolved and then add your tea bags. Most tea needs to steep 3 - 5 minutes. Make sure to look up specifics for the tea your using.

  2. Allow solution to cool to room temp. You can also have the rest of your water in the refrigerator and add the rest of your gallon to your sugar and tea mix. Once at room temperature add your active kombucha culture to the solution.

  3. Cover with a breathable fabric and with a rubber band around it to keep bugs out. Fruit flies especially love the smell of this ferment and will make many attempts to get into it.

  4. Place your brew in a dark cupboard for 3 to 5 weeks until your scoby forms. Keep your brew between 70 - 80 degrees. A seedling warming mat can be the perfect tool for keeping your culture warm if your house runs cold or if you're brewing during the winter months.

Once your scoby is established it wont take as long to brew your next batch. Make sure to sample is once every other day after the first 2 weeks. Eventually you will get to know your culture and you'll know right when your ferment is just how you like it. Brew it sweet or let it go longer for more of that vinegar kick!

We love to hear about your home brew experiments! Let us know your experience on our social media platforms or leave a comment here on this blog post.

Always remember, plant good seeds, keep your feet to the earth, ferment your food, and love your mother!

With much gratitude,

-The Booch Crew

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