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Our Community Funded Kiva Loan

We have been backed for this loan by Missoula's Local

We are reaching out for supports for anyone that can donate a minimum of $25 to our Campaign. This is an all or nothing deal so if we don't get funded we wont be able to launch our business into the next stages of our development. Every dime you send our way will be coming right back to you! We thank you in advance for your support!

What we we are seeking and why...

We are looking for $8,500 to expand our operation into the local farmers market where we hope to greatly expand our ability to help others keep glass out of our local landfill. We have already been accepted into the market and now we are preparing to acquire all the things needed for proper vendor set up. We need lots of small things like branded banners, tables, coolers, custom growlers for selling our kombucha on tap as well as a point of sale device.

We are also looking to invest in the equipment that will help us speed up our bottling process. Right now every bottle, cap, and label is filled, pressed, and placed by hand. This loan would afford us a bottle filler which would fill 4 bottles in the time it would typically take to fill only 1. In addition to that, we would be able to purchase a bottle labeler that will greatly reduce the time it takes to produce our hand crafted beverage.

We are also planning for a marketing budget to help introduce our kombucha line to our local communities and our broader region in a bigger way. Being tight on capitol we have relied completely on organic outreach in the form of community interactions and social media to get the word out about our business. This would allow us to pay for advertisements to help people learn more about who we are and how we do business.

With the exposure to our local farmers market we planning on being able to double our sales within the next 12 months of business. There is a huge market share when it comes to kombucha sales in even Missoula alone. With more and more people becoming sustainably-minded we believe our business will be widely supported. It just takes us getting out there and reaching our audience more and more.

Here is our Funding Link!

Social change don't come without social action. Thanks for your support and for helping us create a more sustainable future for us all! Learn more about our other projects HERE

What we are funding:

Bottle Filler $3600

Bottle Labeler $800

Farmers Market Set up/fees $2500

Refrigerator Unit: $3500

As you can see we are only asking for what we need. We are fronting as much as we can to invest in our future. As of right now we are still very much building our company. All 3 worker owners haven't been making any wages as we put all the income our business has been making back into the business to grow towards our collective goals of making the world a better place. <3 <3 <3 Thanks for checking us out!

With much Love,

-The Booch Crew

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