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(Vibrancy Party) Movement Showcase Open Mic Nights!

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting an ongoing series of performance art at the Unparalleled Movement Gym to showcase people that may not typically get to show off their talents! We are holding space to get inspired by the incredible acts of people dedicated to their craft and then we all get a chance to participate by enjoying a Dj set centered around Ecstatic Dance!

For an up to date schedule check out our events on Facebook (Here)

Pictured Below is Raven Summer of Aerial Alchemy LLC. She is passionate about teaching her craft and helping people discover that we all have wings!!! This earth angel is our lead behind lining up movement performances for these events so that we can bring the people an epic show each and every time! What fun!!! She teaches both private and group classes for a very reasonable price so that you can find freedom in your body.......and that's what these events are all about!!!!!

Ecstatic Dance is a practice where we learn to move our bodies freely and communicate without words with those around us. It's an open platform to express a flow of movement that clears out the blockages we may have from social and cultural pressures around body image or from past trauma's we may have experienced. We all deserve to be free inside our bodies! Lets Dance!!!

We are also focused on holding space for Vibrancy thought living foods, and offering not only kombucha, but other beverages that help us to feel wellness within our bodies. With that, we are teaming up with collaborators to offer Lions Mane Mushroom Tea (Front Street Fungi), Aloe Water (adapt aloe), and even the potentials of CBD punch at these events. Vendors may change from event to event, but we look forward to building a community that supports our ability to have vibrant health in body, mind, and spirit!

We are grateful for Unparalleled Movement for the use of their space on a donation basis. This means we can host these events also on a donation basis. Our philosophy is this. "Donations are appreciated, but required not, Give if you can, and enjoy what you've got!" We are glad that we can hold this kind of space on a donation basis. We do however offer food and beverage that has a cost to vendors and the organizers of these events. So, with that, we are grateful for your generosity!!!

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