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There are lots of non-monetary ways of supporting our cause like giving us a positive review on google or social media and sharing our content on your page. And we appreciate every ounce of exposure we get when from our community members like you! If however, you feel guided to support our long term goals in this world we now have a way that benefits your tax margin!

Back to the Mother now has a fiscal sponsor which means we can officially receive tax deductible donations. We are also writing grants in hopes of reaching towards our DREAMS.

Are you aware of the long term vision we hold for the future?

We are looking at creating food security by further developing existing year round farming techniques so that we can stop importing our higher impact ingredients and start growing them ourselves right here in Missoula! We are talking about growing sugar cane and juicing it for the sugar content in our ferment. Imaging if we could stop importing sugar from over seas and lighten our impact on our planet even more than our washable bottles already do!

We also want to help others achieve this level of food security. We could have tropical growing environments right here in Missoula. All it takes is us showing up and creating it!

We dream of acquiring property where we can build our master kitchen and farmstead. Our hearts are calling for a vision of intentional living with alternative builds like container homes and earth ships. We want to build geodesic biodomes and have aquapontics systems to grow fish that fertilize grow beds and produce healthy food for our community.

We these techniques and offer low cost workshops and offer kid's programs on the property too. We want to share this vision with anyone what resonates with it. Imagine sustainable food communities that can focus on growing specific things and sharing with with neighboring eco-villages. We could have retreat spaces for self development work and safe places for people experiencing trauma. All these things are on the docket of goals we are working towards.

This is our long term vision and we are actively taking steps towards this endeavor. If you want to support us in this we honor every dime sent our way to make this a reality.

You can find our donation page HERE

When you get to the Paypal donation site, make sure to use the drop down menu to make sure your donation is going to Back to the Mother.

Below is our kiva loan pitch. We got fully funded for $8,500 to improve our brewing efficiency and to get ready for the farmers market. Thank you to everyone that believes in our vision for making this a reality! We cant thank you enough! This especially goes out to the CFAC team here locally. So much gratitude!

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