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Hey! What's a dot Earth anyways? (.earth)

So many people may be interested in our domain name being .earth. We were so excited when we stumbled upon this new delineation of the internet! It's actually pretty cool! In May of 2015 ICANN launched a series of new domain names to be made for public registration. ICANN is the main Internet governance institution. Its primary responsibility is to manage the Internet's core infrastructure, which consists of IP addresses, domain names, and root servers. They were seeking a new way to organize the internet. .earth brings together all the organizations across the globe that are rooted in making the world a better place. This means organizations that are truly seeking ways to clean the environment, or bring aid to those countries in need, or people trying to live substantially now have a basic platform of recognition. We also own and but we decided to launch our website on through .earth to connect with the growing community of people power stepping up to do what is right for our planet. We will be highlighting various sites that are apart of the .earth movement. Check this out for more info!

The first .earth website we came accross was one of the original ones to launch after the domain was created. The sight is used for recording and observien the monthly climb in atmospheric C02. Each month they post the present readings, post movement trends, and explain efforts to stabilize our impact on the earth. Check it out here!

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