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Bike-powered waste management in Massachusetts!

Some of you might be aware that we are in the process of starting up our very own bicycle-powered trash removal program right here in Missoula, Montana. We're very excited to get this project up and running!

It turns out there's an awesome group of folks over in Massachusetts who have taken this idea to great heights.

The Pedal People Cooperative, Inc. is based in Northampton, MA, and they've been doing community-based, clean human-powered hauling since 2002. In addition to bike-powered waste removal, they also do local produce deliveries, yard work, delivery and moving, and so much more. And, once again, they do all of this with bicycles! In the rain, snow, fog, wind, and humid New England summers. Really incredible stuff.

Head over to their website and have a look at some of the great work they do, like them on Facebook, show some love for our brothers and sisters fighting the good fight out there in Massachusetts!

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